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Invigilator Western Classics Library

'Metamorphoses' (8AD) Ovid 

Narcissus and Echo on conversations in ones' head & Pygmalion on still labour.

'The Winter's Tale' (1611) William Shakespeare

Further reading on still labour.

'Reveries of the Solitary Walker' (1788) Jean-Jacques Rousseau

An examination of solitary thinking.

'The Man in the Crowd' (1840) Edgar Allan Poe

Both follower and followed speak to different aspects of the invigilator experience.

'Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street' (1853) Herman Melville 

An examination of anti-production.

'The Critic as Artist' (1891) Oscar Wilde

Notes on the passage of time and doing nothing.

'The Yellow Wall-Paper' (1892) Charlotte Perkins Gillman

Study of the detail of the wallpaper closely resembles the pattern of thinking invigilators experience during long periods of quiet. 

'Pymalion' (1913) George Bernard Shaw

Further development on still labour.

'The Mark on the Wall' (1917) Virgnina Woolf

Further reading on the study of details in moments of quiet.

'Happy Days' (1961) Samuel Beckett

Though on a very different theme, Winnie's momologues resemble those internal thoughts of an unoccupied invigilator.

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