Invigilator Research Network

‘Surveillance & Cultural Workers Performance Seminars (SCWPS)’ and ‘Invigilator Drinking Club’


Artist and worker peer review meetings. With administrative support from Artquest. Artquest offices, London. January - July 2020


These meetings are for artists (in the wildest sense) who also have day jobs. Invited artists will meet once a month across six months. During the meetings we will discuss artworks, films, texts and general news about artists as workers and workers as artists and take turns in showing things we are working on or have worked on recently – in this way the seminar series will also function as a peer mentoring group. Through this seminar series we aim to collectively examine how our day-jobs and daily experiences coexist with our creative work and how we can use and exploit experiences in our day jobs to strengthen our creative work and networks.

We aim for the group to provide useful critical feedback on each other’s creative practices and to also provide collective practical support and encouragement.

There will be occasional and optional tasks to do between the monthly meetings. These tasks will help us engage with the crossover between our day jobs and creative work and will be things like taking day-job field recordings etc.

Depending on how well we work together, we see potential for our collective meetings to develop into something more concrete too, like a group show or an informal publication documenting some of our processes together. If we do end up going in this direction, this is something we’ll all work on together.

Meeting One: Professional Practice?



Date: 29th January 2020, Artquest Offices

Attendees: Eve Marguerite, Simon Farid, Moa Johannsson, Seth Guy, Teodora Kosanovic, Yuyu Wang, Isobel Mei, Raphael Schulenburg, Richard Schmidt


Topics: Degree of professionalisation of ones' personal creative practice, fitting wagelabour into a creative life, efforts to use wagelabour for creative ends, money, the limits of talking about money.


Artists presenting work: Simon Farid and Eve Marguerite


Collective Notes:

Meeting Two: Secret Comms



Date: 27th February 2020, Artquest Offices

Attendees: Eve Marguerite, Simon Farid, Raphael Schulenburg, Richard Schmidt, Andrea Zapata-Nalsen


Topics: Practical workshop on different attributes and uses of tape, [REDACTED] being about gaining or taking away, who/what is it okay to [REDACTED], tactical censorship, methods of covert communication (existing + potential), memory practice, code making.


Artists presenting work: Eve Marguerite, Simon Farid, Raphael Schulenburg, Richard Schmidt, Andrea Zapata-Nalsen, Seth Guy, Moa Johansson (all homework responces)


Meeting Flyer:

Meeting Three: Being Your Own Audience



Date: 25th March 2020. Online, owing to COVID19 social distancing measures.

Attendees: Eve Marguerite, Simon Farid, Teodora Kosanovic, Rosie May Lewin, Isobel Mei, Richard Schmidt, Yuyu Wang, Raphael Schulenburg, Andrea Zapata-Nalsen, Seth Guy


Topics: Accounts of our experiences of lockdown, approaches to making while indoors, planning future remote meetings.


Artists presenting work: Yuyu Wang, Richard Schmidt, Seth Guy, Isobel Mei, Simon Farid (all homework responces except for Yuyu)


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