Invigilator Research Network



'Front of House Fashion Survey'

A fashion survey of this season’s invigilator uniforms from across London’s art institutions. 

Window Galleries, Central St Martins, London.

11th Febuary - 24th Febuary. Live performance 18th Febuary 17.00 - 20.00



A part of book ‘The Book of Anonymity’ with universities of Hamburg, Bremen and Leuphana

Launch at Leuphana University, Lünebrg and/or Haus der Wissenschaften, Bremen, Germany. Spring 2019




Towards an Art History of Art Gallery Guards

A research-based installation that noted artists who have been gallery guards at some point in their career, and playfully speculated as to the influence this labour has had of their art practices.

A = Anonym’ Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

24-27 October 2018


Invigilator Scarecrows'

Two banners designed to act in lieu of invigilators in gallery and museum spaces, maintaining an observed experience for visitors without the need for a physical employee.

One features a life-size portrait of an invigilator and the other is a photographic collection of watching eyes, sourced from real invigilators.

A = Anonym’ Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

24-27 October 2018


Anonymity lab 2: Labour

IRN member Simon Farid took part in a panel on anonymity and labour. He discussed institutional labour as an anonymous practice.

’A = Anonymity’ Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

26 October 2018


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